Uno Helmersson is an award winning Swedish composer whose credits include the worldwide hit tv series The Bridge, broadcast in more than 100 territories and for which he was awarded a Golden FIPA.  Other major credits include the Emmy winning Armadillo documentary series  following a group of Danish soldiers for 6 months in Afghanistan; Magnus, about the life of Norway’s Mozart of Chess directed by Benjamin Ree for Norway’s Moskus Film; Susanne Bier’s A Second Chance, additional score; Mikkei Norgaard’s The Absent One; and Zentropa’s Department Q film series.

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, Uno started his professional life as assistant to Johan Soderqvist, one of Scandinavia’s leading composers, working with him on  the multi-award winning Bafta nominated Let the Right One In; Recorded Picture Company’s Oscar nominated Kon-Tiki; Monastery: Mr. Vig and the NunLove And Rage; Bettina Oberil’s The Murder Farm; Mirmar Film’s TogetherSecond Chance; and Erik Poppe’s Troubled Water. Working with Johan was hugely beneficial in developing Uno’s skills as a composer and they later worked together as co-composers on a number of projects including Zentropa’s The Absent One and Pelle Hybbinette’s Behind Bron;

Uno’s other credits include Jordan Bayne’s award winning US indie movie The Sea Is All I know and Vibeke Idsoe’s  Norwegian feature Løvekvinnen. He’s scored several shorts including Happy Tears, starring Alan Cummings and Chance of Rain both for Berlin’s FilmGym;  Bobbi Jene for director Elvira Lind; Kiruna-Kigali for director Goran Kapetanovic; Lee Cronin’s Irish adventure Bill & Chuck and the fantasy Through the Night; the drama Before You Hit The Ground; and Jerker Josefsson’s Virus.
He has worked on some major award winning documentaries  including  Bobbi Jene; Mads Ellesoe’s The Child Soldier’s New Job; Michael Graversen’s Dreaming of Denmark; Nanna Frank Mollers’s A Civilized Country; December Film’s 1,2,3, Dance and Macbeth: Det Rode Rum.

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